Well Water

Similar to on-site sewage disposal, many properties receive their water from a private well. Public water is not available everywhere and so a well may be required. Even where public water is available some maintain a private well for their water supply. Many property owners who have a well claim that it is the best water available, but wells can harbor hidden hazards. Just as the public water supply is tested regularly, if you use water from a well you should test it regularly too. Wells may become contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, naturally occurring metals and compounds, and even radon. The health department recommends you test your well annually for bacteria, every three to five years for chemicals, and anytime you notice a change in the water. You can learn more about wells, the requirements for testing your well if you are selling your house, and see a list of Certified Laboratories here. If you are looking for basic information on maintaining your well and assuring safe drinking water, visit www.wellowner.org or cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/private/wells.